Angel Watch

Angel Watch is a program that provides emotional and social support to families facing a potentially life-limiting diagnosis for their unborn or newly born infant. The program does not provide healthcare or skilled care — and it does not replace the service of medical providers.

This program is not for patients who have had a miscarriage or stillbirth — separate bereavement programs will support these women and their families. Angel Watch is specifically for the families of infants who die soon after childbirth, whether it is within minutes, hours, or days.

How Angel Watch works: The Angel Watch team, which includes nurses and counselors, uses a series of home visits or phone calls to formulate a personalized plan for each child’s family that encompasses the pregnancy, delivery, and time immediately following the delivery.

“The plan addresses questions you may never have thought of before: Who will hold the baby first? Would you like to bathe the baby? Who do you want in the room with you? etc.,” says Rose Niedzwicki, the program’s director. “Sometimes a baby only has moments of life outside the womb and each second is priceless.” The Angel Watch team is also available to provide bereavement support and follow-up for up to 18 months after a baby is born.

“We also help families with their concerns for their other children, the grandparents, school, friends, etc. Mostly we help them learn to say ‘Hello’ to their baby before they have to say ‘Good-bye.’ ”

Who benefits from this program? Angel Watch is a free service for all of southern Utah. Participants are not required to use Intermountain Healthcare providers or facilities to receive services. The service will also benefit physicians and other medical providers by helping to provide vital emotional support to patients in this difficult situation.

How do I sign up for Angel Watch? If you or someone you know is interested in receiving Angel Watch support services, please contact Rose Niedzwicki at (435) 688-4426 or