Prenatal Care

  • Clients see our fully trained and licensed midwives in our licensed birth center for their prenatal appointments.  The model of care we have chosen does not include student midwives because we want the focus to be on you and not on teaching.
  • This becomes a place of education and support that is comfortable for the whole family as the providers and the parents work together as baby grows. 
  • Professional laboratory testing and ultrasounds are done right from our facility. 
  • If you have need for a prescription during your course of care, our CNM can take care of that for you. 
  • We follow the standard recommended prenatal appointment schedule, beginning with monthly visits that increase to every two weeks at seven months of pregnancy increase to weekly visits in the last month. 
  • Our midwives are serious about giving women the time they need to be well cared for including extra visits as needed.   

Labor and Birth

  • During labor, you will have the continuous support of at least one midwife and at least one birth assistant.  We have deliberately chosen a model of care without student midwives so clients can choose a birth that is solely focused on them and not on teaching.
  • Many of our mothers choose to have a water birth in our beautiful birth tub.
  • You may invite anyone you wish to support you in your birth.
  • You and your baby will be carefully monitored to ensure safety and well being.
  • You may eat, drink and move about freely in labor and may choose to birth in any position that feels right to you.
  • We do have the ability to give you an IV or sutures or medication to aid in the case of a postpartum hemorrhage if needed 
  • Though it is rarely necessary, all staff have had training for infant and maternal emergencies and all the necessary equipment is readily available. 


Immediate Post Partum Care


  • After birth you snuggle in bed with your newborn and partner and enjoy a meal, some rest and a shower. 
  • Both you and your baby will receive comprehensive postpartum exams and return to your home to continue relaxing after you are both stable and ready (usually four to six hours after birth).  
  • A minimum of one midwife and one birth assistant will be at The Birth Center *until you are discharged and depart*.



Postpartum Appointments

  • If you live within 30 minutes of the birth center, we are now offering 2 day postpartum visits in the comfort of your own home for no additional cost!  New babies and their mothers come to The Birth Center for the remainder of their postpartum appointments when baby is  4-5 days old and two weeks old.  We also see women for their 6 week postpartum visit.  If more visits are needed, we are happy to see you and/or your baby.
  • Routine tests we perform for baby are:  hearing screens, CCHD, newborn "PKU" screening, blood type testing and if needed, jaundice screen.
  • The adjustment to life with a newborn in your home is daunting and we try to prepare you well, offering education and training, but sometimes there are questions that were unexpected.  A visit with a certified lactation consultant is encouraged if needed and each client is given financial support for this visit if needed.  The midwives are available if there are other concerns that arise.
  • We can also take care of your birth control needs when it is time for that!