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SEMINAR: Myofascial Release for Pregnancy and Postpartum with Michael Sudbury LMT

Want An Easier, More Comfortable Experience In All Stages of Your Pregnancy?

Okay, so pregnancy might not ever be "comfortable," but myofascial release improves tissue and joint mobility, structural alignment and openness, and can greatly reduce the discomfort and troubles of pregnancy. Issues like heartburn, back or nerve pain, difficulty moving or finding a comfortable position to sleep and many others can all be improved. Labor will also be much easier with less risk of complications. 

This workshop will help you understand how you can seriously improve your experience and the ability of your body to do what it knows best. 

Michael Sudbury, LMT has trained directly and extensively with John F Barnes, PT, leading expert and the developer of the Myofascial Release Approach®, and has been an assistant instructor for his seminars. His MFR journey began in earnest in 2009, and though he is considered an expert therapist, he maintains that learning and development are never finished. His clients have found relief from shoulder, neck, and back pains that troubled them for years, and he has repeatedly helped ankles and knees feel less like blocks of wood and more like, well, joints. He loves hearing his clients proclaim, “I feel like a person again!” When not treating, he is often found enjoying hikes and playtime with his daughter. For him, life is not about having it all figured out, it’s about walking a path with heart.