Childbirth Educators describe their classes for you...

 The Birth Center strongly recommends that a mother and her partner take a high quality, independent birthing class. Its sessions will will help prepare a mother and her partner with knowledge about pregnancy, comfort techniques, tools for labor, information about natural responses to labor, and caring for a new baby.  There are many types of classes and the type you choose is personal and may include the teacher’s personality, the techniques used, when and where the class is taught and the cost of the class.  You should make choices early, by about your 20th week of pregnancy, to assure that you have time to complete the series and the teacher has space for you in his/her classes. Classes offered in our facility by independent instructors in addition to other Salt Lake City resources are listed here:

We asked local Salt Lake City instructors to come and describe their classes to us.  We hope their answers will aid in your decision making for which class is best for you.

Click here to listen to a podcast of Adrianna Costello-Martin talking about the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and her class. 

Birth Connected and Andrea Lythgoe! In this hybrid class, you will get online learning, hands on activities, and a personal session with a Lamaze certified instructor to get the hands on skills.

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth with Adrianna Costello-Martin 801-231-9379 or

Hypnobirthing Institute by Debbie Gordon  801-913-2633

Birthing From Within by Jennifer Sorensen Whitaker  801-428-7296

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method with Whitney Lancaster email tel:801-674-6492

Curtis Method Hypnosis by Laura Lynn Curtis  801-358-1448

Bradley Method in Bountiful by Stephanie King  801-837-0059

Natural Childbirth by Angie Rosier  

The Mommy Method by Kira Ritchie  801-361-0151

Hypnobabies by Aubrey Slabbert  801-903-3091

Question and Answer session