Cost of Care  

Our birth center and homebirth clients pay one global fee of $4950* for fully comprehensive prenatal, birth, postpartum & infant care with our licensed midwives, including a full time CNM. We work hard to keep billing simple & to not have unexpected fees added on for clients. Therefore, everything in the scope of a normal pregnancy with fully trained staff in a licensed birthing center is included in our fee & is listed below.  We have chosen carefully a model of care where the professionals at your birth are fully trained and are not students learning.  We feel strongly that your birth should be all about you and your baby.

*$500 loyalty discount for clients who have been cared for by The Birth Center for prior pregnancies.

*Global fee of $4950 already includes the $1000 facility fee/ home birth supplies

This global fee includes everything in the scope of a "normal" pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and infant care, as well as some things that only some clients will need, but things that we consider crucial when needed.  Your global fee includes the following: 

  • routine laboratory tests

  • prenatal appointments

  • unlimited telephone calls with midwives

  • emergency visits with the midwives

  • writing of needed and applicable prescriptions including birth control, by CNM

  • unlimited ultrasounds by midwives

  • non-stress tests

  • Prenatal Group: 9 sessions

  • breastfeeding class

  • 20 week professional ultrasound

  • fluids by IV during pregnancy, labor or postpartum (if needed)

  • Rhogam shots (if needed)

  • all birth supplies—including emergency medications and ivs

  • doterra oils diffused at your birth

  • various homeopathic remedies

  • Meals after birth

  • suturing (if needed) with topical anesthetic

  • use of birth suite facility(if a birth center birth)

  • home birth tub and equipment (if a homebirth)

  • at least 1 fully trained midwife and 1 fully trained birth assistant at your birth *until you are discharged*

  • comprehensive infant exam after birth

  • routine laboratory testing for baby

  • infant vitamin K

  • infant erythromycin

  • newborn PKU testing

  • infant hearing test/s

  • infant lingual frenectomy (if needed)

  • CCHD infant screening

  • If <30 min from TBC, a 2 day postpartum visit in your home

  • 4 postpartum appointments

  • 3 pediatric appointments

  • emergency postpartum appointments within first 6 weeks

  • emergency pediatric appointments within first 2 weeks

  • a lactation specialist visit in your home

  • birth certificate filing

  • full final invoicing with coding for you to submit to insurance and our office available to advise you

While most clients follow the schedule below for payments of our global fee of $4950, we do make other arrangements for some clients.  Call or email for more information. : 

  1. $500 at your first medical appointment,

  2. $1725 by your 18 week of pregnancy and

  3. $2725 by your 36th week of pregnancy

If you are transferring to our care from another provider in the midst of a pregnancy, we will deduct from your Global Fee prior care you have already received and we have verified from your medical records.  If desired, call or email us for an estimate of that deduction.

If you transfer from our care, we will itemize the care you have received from us to deduct from the amount you have paid us and reimburse or bill you accordingly.

We are a birthing center licensed in the state of Utah and we are providers with medically recognized licenses. You can bill your insurance for your care from us as "out of network providers".  After your last appointment with us, we will send you statements with the required coding of each service you and your baby received for you to submit to your insurance company, who will reimburse you directly according to your plan's coverage.

We accept checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, Am Ex or Discover cards.  We also take health savings accounts and flex spending accounts.

If financing the cost of our care with a loan is something you would like to explore, click through this link to an application with Payd to see if that is an option for you:

Below is a list of required insurance coding of potential services if you are calling your insurance provider before signing up with us to see what they will cover. 

Not covered by the Global Fee: any care provided by someone other the The Birth Center (like childbirth classes, doula or photographer, placental encapsulation, ambulance or hospital fees), genetic screening, non-routine laboratory tests, 2nd professional ultrasound, any products sold in our facility like probiotics, oils, supplements etc.

We are happy to answer your specific financial questions. Please don't hesitate to contact Eva, our office manager at:  801-262-0887 or 

Insurance Coding

Prior to care, insurance companies might want to know the medical coding your care will eventually be filed under.  These are the most common: 

CPT code ICD 10 DX code charge description
59400 O80, Z34.00 or Z34.80, Z39.2 and Z37.0 $3,000.00 Global obstetric fee
82950 Z34.00 orZ34.80 and Z36 $19.00 Glucose testing
85013 Z34.00 or Z34.80 and Z36 $7.00 Hematocrit testing
3294F Z36 $31.00 Group B Strep testing
59025 O36.8120, O36.8130, O48.0 $75.00 Fetal non-stress testing
76805 Z36 $175.00 Ultrasound
88175 Z34.0 or Z34.8 $60.00 Pap testing
76815 O48.0 $50.00 AFI testing
80055 Z34.0 or Z34.8 $200.00 Obstetric panel testing
CPT code ICD 10 DX codes charge description
99463 Z38.1 $225.00 Infant admit and discharge
99391 Z00.110 $168.00 1st, 2nd and 7th day infant visits
92587 Z01.1 $89.00 Hearing screening
36416 Z00.110 or Z00.111 $10.00 Heelstick
S3620-BL Z133.228 $160.00 Newborn Screening Card
99391 Z00.111 $168.00 2 week infant visit
86900 Z38.1 $20.00 Blood type and Rh testing
J3430 Z38.1 $50.00 Vitamin K injection
CPT code ICD10 DX code charge Description
59409 with modifiers 59 and SU O80, Z37.0, Z39.2, Z34.80 or Z34.00 $1500.00 Facility charge

HCPCS code:  S8415     ICD10 DX codes: O80, Z37.0, Z39.2, Z34.80 or Z34.00   Charge  $1000    Homebirth Supplies