Subject: Infant Death

POLICY: An infant death, after 16 weeks of gestation born with signs of life – see attached flow charts, infant may not leave the center before the death certificate is signed by a physician. The required funeral home form will be faxed as required.  Birth certificate information will be entered into UINTAH as required.

GUIDELINES: 1. The Birth Center staff will call a physician to confirm the death and sign the death certificate at The Birth Center.  The physician will sign the certificate within 24 hours of the death of the infant.

2. The Birth Center staff shall enter the birth certificate information in UINTAH within 24 hours of delivery.  This process shall include the editing and marking of the electronic record for registration purposes.

·         The name of the mortuary and mortuary contact shall be entered in the Medical Notes section located at the bottom of the newborn medical screen in Uintah.

·         Do not mark the record unless you are ready to fax the completed certification for cause of infant death form

·         Edit and mark the record.

2. The Birth Center staff will notify the client’s chosen funeral home of the infant death within 24 hours of the death by faxing the completed form (attached) HOSPITAL REPORT OF INFANT DEATH TO FUNERAL HOME and the birth information sheet (BIS) from UINTAH.

5. Parents will be treated with tenderness and respect for their beliefs and desires.  They will be provided clothing and grieving information as is available (see loss package).  Angle Watch can be contacted, free grieving assistance for Utah births.


·         Flow charts for determination of fetal death or infant death

·         Funeral home notification of infant death

·         Removal of remains statues

·         Angel Watch information