Placenta Encapsulation and Tinctures by Salt Lake Placenta

We have seen remarkable results from encapsulating placentas!  

During the tender time of the months after delivering a baby, we believe it can aid in mom's emotional state and in her milk production.  Our clients can leave their placenta with us after the birth and specialist, Erica, will pick it up, dehydrate it, add some Chinese herbs and put the powder into capsules to swallow.  The low cost for this is $200, paid when you receive your jar of pills conveniently at a postpartum visit with us. No need to schedule this service, but to just tell us at your birth when we ask what your plans are for your placenta.   If you are not a Birth Center client, sign up for her services at her website and she will take good care of you.

   Research studies supporting placenta encapsulation


Placenta Tinctures!  *new* 

These give you potent benefits that last long after your postpartum care has finished. Tinctures are good for PMS and other mood fluctuations and emotional imbalances.  This allows you to continue benefiting all through your child-bearing years and well into menopause.  We use a simple process of steeping in an alcohol solution for six weeks. If properly stored, tinctures can be used indefinitely.  1 tincture costs $30.  Both products can be made from 1 placenta.  


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