Prenatal Group


Prenatal Group is a unique program our practice has designed for women and their partners to combine their prenatal visits with being able to share concerns, be active participants in their own care and gain confidence in their ability to give birth and to care for their baby.   They join other women with similar due dates and long time childbirth educator Jennifer Sorensen-Whitaker facilitates our groups alongside the midwives.   Sessions include discussion about pregnancy, birth and new babies with time to socialize with the other families and then meet individually with a midwife to have their physical assessment in private.  If you choose to participate, group prenatal sessions make up much of prenatal care during your pregnancy, following the standard schedule for prenatal visits.

  • Prenatal groups are included in our global fee and are not an extra cost.

  • There are 9 group sessions that last about 90 minutes each 

  • Children and other support people are welcome!  

  • Participants take turns bringing a snack to share.

  • A reunion where everyone brings their new babies and shares their experience is a fun way to end meetings at about 2 months postpartum.

  • Group prenatal care does not, however, take the place of a childbirth education class series.  There are many details that are presented in a childbirth class that you will not receive in the prenatal groups.  Please plan to take a childbirth class series privately if you have not taken one before or have not given birth naturally before. We do provide resources to help you find the best class for you.

“I learned the answers to questions that I didn’t know I had.”  "I didn't feel alone in the experience."  “I wish I had known this existed in my last pregnancy.”