Well Woman Care:  The Birth Center cares for more than pregnancy

Our midwives can give the following types of care:

  • Women's primary care
  • Well-woman exams including blood work and pap smears
  • Sick visits such as strep throat, urinary tract infection, and more
  • Birth Control education and prescriptions
  • Family Planning visits
  • Gynecological concerns
  • Teenage girls first gynecologic visit
  • Menopause visits
  • Pre-conception counseling appointments
  • Pre-marital counseling appointments



Women and Birth Care, Inc. loves to serve women between pregnancies or women who have not had, or do not intend, a pregnancy. We schedule a full hour for these well woman visits because we want the time to fully understand her concerns and life situation. We use this time to discuss and exchange new health information about each woman’s health concerns.  Clients often comment that their well woman exam was the most gentle, informing and thorough physical exam they have ever experienced. We are most gratified when our clients are able to understand and feel informed enough to take control of their own health.

Women and Birth Care midwives utilize nutrition, exercise, naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, essential oils, and many other alternative health care modalities to help women to reach their full potential.  We can also have prescriptive privileges to take care of your prescription needs.   Referrals are made to chiropractic care and modalities not offered at the clinic.