November 2017 Newsletter: Nutrition

A word from the midwives:

The holiday season! What a great time to talk about nutrition! We hope you'll enjoy yourselves, and the abundance of delicious (and sweet!) food that comes with this time of year, but here are some tips for getting through the holidays a little more healthily this year: 

1) When our bodies are signaling a sugar craving, what they really need is more protein. Managing sugar intake is NOT about eliminating sugar; it's about keeping our intake in moderation. So it can be really helpful to recognize that sugar will never satisfy a sugar craving, but eating too much will definitely make us feel awful. But there's good news! Protein will satisfy a sugar craving every time. So please do eat those delicious treats! But if you eat a good serving of protein first (nuts, pea salad, cheese plate, turkey, bean dip, etc.), then you'll find it's much easier to just taste the sweets or have small portions, but not fill up on the sugar and carbs. 

2) If you have the good fortune of being pregnant over the holidays this year, then what joy for you! Especially for those of you who may have the extra luck of being in your third trimester, where your stomach is oh so much smaller and more squished than your eyes are for all that awesome food. You can still enjoy everything! But it can really help to just adjust to a new pace for your eating. Eating a big holiday meal can really bring on the heartburn and discomfort when you've got baby pushing up on so much of your stomach space. So eating smaller bits at a time through the day than you normally would can really help. 

3) Chew your food more! Food that is more chewed can be more easily, and more quickly digested through the stomach, which means less discomfort and less heartburn. 

4) Try to separate your fluids from your meals by at least 15 or 30 minutes. Our stomachs get way more full and squished when we have fluids and food in them at the same time, which really increases heartburn and discomfort. Just having mostly food with your meals and just taking small sips to drink can help you to enjoy more food at once when baby is riding high, while minimizing discomfort and heartburn.

5) If you're feeling constantly surrounded by sugar and carbs at holiday parties and family gatherings, then make a point to bring a particularly healthy and wholesome dish to share. Then you know you have something you're happy with to enjoy, and people will thank you for bringing something more healthy.

We're always here if you need us! Call us or email us if there are particular questions or concerns we can help you to address with your nutrition.

Make good memories with those you love, and be good to all around you! Happy Holidays from ours to yours!!!!

Much love,



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The Birth Center Seminar Series:
Paige Smathers, RDN
Nutrition for The Childbearing Years

Join Paige Smathers, RDN, as she leads a discussion on best nutritional practices before, during & after pregnancy. 
Paige Smathers provides comprehensive, client-centered nutrition therapy aimed at addressing the client as a whole person. Her approach to nutrition counseling is a unique blend of expertise in the science & art of nutrition. Together with her clients, she works in partnership to make changes with nutrition & lifestyle that are sustainable, realistic and individually tailored to their unique needs, ultimately helping clients heal their relationship with food & end the dieting game forever.


Paige has a bachelor's degree in Dietetics and has completed a Dietetic Internship at Utah State University. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and a certified dietitian (CD) in the state of Utah.


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