July 2017 Newsletter

A word from the midwives:

As midwives, we are constantly working to update our education and our skill level so that we can give you the best of care. In May, Becky went to an integrative medicine seminar in Sedona. She learned about acupuncture, stress and relaxation and many other things that will help you as this new information is worked into our care.

One of the new things that we have been using in our care is the information that Eve has been teaching all of us at The Birth Center about helping babies to be in the best position for birth. As you read this newsletter you will see several ways to keep your baby in the ‘optimal’ position for labor and birth. We encourage going to the Physical Therapist and/or the Chiropractor in your third trimester, walking 10,000 steps a day, and the positions that you can find inwww.spinningbabies.com including ‘The Fantastic Four’. 

We love our jobs & feel honored to care for each of you. Thank you for trusting in us.

Becky McInnis MSN, CNM & Eve German MSN, CPM

"The Fantastic Four", a tried and true practice of proper fetal positioning. 
The 'Fantastic Four' consist of:
Rebozo Sifting - to encourage deep relaxation of the smooth muscles & mind
Forward-leaning Inversion - to give room in the lower uterine segment
Side-lying Release - to give room in the pelvis & soften or balance the pelvic floor
Standing Sacral Release - to allow sacrum & sacral ligaments room for mobility & expansion

To watch a short video of daily activities you can be doing to prevent a malpositioned baby:

New Team Member! 

We are incredibly proud to announce that Mikayl, who joined The Birth Center team in January, has completed her Birth Assistant training! 
Here's a little Q & A with her:
What prompted you to work at TBC in particular?
I had a bad experience with a miscarriage and began searching for a more complete model of care for women. Care that viewed women as a whole, mind, body & spirit. I completed a doula training which made me realize I love the medical aspect just as much as the emotional support, so I emailed TBC after seeing wonderful reviews, asking if I could be a part of the team.
Why do you enjoy birth work?
I feel like birth is one of the most important events in a woman's life and her care is a big part of it. I see a lot of gaps in care in our country and I want to make a difference!
What is some of your previous training?
I worked medical supply in the Army and was later trained as a field medic. I also work as a Medical Assistant for the U of U. 
What's the best part of this job?
Watching women transform. Watching them find their power and believe in themselves. I also love the moment when mom first meets baby...it's beautiful!.

Local Practitioner Highlight: Susan McLaughlin, PT

This quote sums up my lifetime goal and what I hope for my clients:
"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are," -Carl Jung

I have been practicing physical therapy since 2001. Recently I transitioned away from the major medical healthcare system to a holistic and eclectic collection of skills, all of which fit under the title of my business name:
ALIGN Integration | Movement. 
As a practitioner I meet each client with the empathy and compassion that I, too, have sat deeply embedded in the suffering of pain and have been able to transform my body, mind and spirit to get out of it. You don't have to live in pain!

For a schedule of upcoming prenatal & postpartum work shops
To read more on fetal positioning & how alignment can help, or to find out more about Susan's practice, click below:


New Seating! 

By using these and sitting in proper alignment mamas can increase the chances of baby being in an optimal position for labor and delivery. 



How far apart are your contractions?  

Contractions are best timed from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next. This way you can tell the duration of each, as well as the down time in between them. This is how we do it here at TBC.   Ask us to show you how or to download an app we find helpful, click here:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mustansir.fullterm&hl=en

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