November 2018 Newsletter

A Note From the Midwife:

Halloween is over and we are going full steam into the holiday season. This is a great time for us to remember all the things that we are grateful for. Here at The Birth Center we are grateful for all the healthy babies we had in October. We are so lucky to be involved in such great families' lives. It’s also a really good time to remind all of our families to just slow down and enjoy the moments you are living. Unfortunately, we tend to try to do too much during this holiday season. Stretching ourselves too thin and taking too much on our plate causes us to lose the joy that the season is designed to give us. All of November we hope you can think of your blessings and feel grateful for all you have. We know that we are grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving! - Becky

October brought several waves of babies in twos & threes!!! Look at all these precious littles! 

Are you too driven? 

Being driven can be a liability. While many people love and adore their driver characteristics, those who live with these characteristics often accumulate less respect and adoration for said traits.

You and I can prevent, even reverse the negative outcome of driving too hard and too much. This will require that we address our reasons for taking things beyond appropriate limits. When we take time to do so, we improve our lives. We also improve the workplace environment and offer those we work with a chance to feel and perform at their best as well.

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“It’s smart and productive to drive less and empower more.” —Lyn T. Christian
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SoulSalt is also offering our readers a FREE 
DISC Assessment!

Postpartum moms, your village is here. Please join in a gathering of other newborn mothers at The Birth Center. This free group is for ALL mothers that have given birth within the last 12 months. It doesn't matter how or where your baby was born. You are welcome here. If you're struggling, you are welcome here. If you're thriving, you are welcome here. Let's gather in uplifting one another. We'll have important discussions & maybe even enjoy a laugh or two.
This group is held the first & third Thursday of the month. 10-12pm.

Local Provider Highlight:
Dr. Omar of Wasatch Integrated Wellness

Dr. Omar is Cuban-American. His parents escaped Cuba in 1980 & came to Florida with nothing but the clothes on their backs. He is grateful that because of this sacrifice he is able to practice his passion & serve others in his calling of Chiropractic.

Dr. Omar suffered from weekly migraines his whole life since he was 8 years old. At 25 while finishing his bachelors degree at Utah State University he went to a Chiropractor with some hip pain. To his astonishment the weekly migraines disappeared completely. He then changed his life course and became a Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Omar earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Known for his gentle adjustments, Dr Omar has a special passion for infants and pregnant mothers but loves taking care of whole families so they can live to their fullest potential. 

Because of his love for pregnancy and babies, he offers a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION, EXAM, ADJUSTMENT AND PREGNANCY MASSAGE as a gift to all mothers who are going through this beautiful journey.  

Wasatch Integrated Wellness
141 East 5600 South, STE 204 Murray, UT 84107

Amy Updike- Fitness Contributor

This week I did my first workout at 6 weeks post c-section. I talked about it on my IG stories but thought I would share more here since I had requests for what exactly I did for the workout. 

I didn’t want to overthink the “workout”. I didn’t even wear all gym clothes or even go to the gym. I did a simple workout at home with a few small pieces of equipment I keep for home workouts. I used 4lb and 8lb dumbbells and a 12kg Kettlebell. I opted for lower weights than what I previously would have used. Whether you had a baby, had an injury or surgery, or simply took too much time off from your workouts, this workout is ideal for easing back into working out without causing injury or an excess amount of soreness. 

Here’s what I did:

•15 reps bicep curl with 4lb DBs

•20 reps bodyweight only squats (hip distance stance)

•15 reps lateral raise with 4lb DBs

•15 reps squats (hip distance stance) holding 8lb DBs at shoulder height

•15 reps Bicep Curls holding 8lb DBs

•15 lateral raises with 4lb DBs

•15 straight legged deadlifts holding 12kg KB

•15 double arm bent over rows holding 8lb DBs

•10-15 overhead presses with 4lb DBs

•15 straight legged deadlifts holding 12kg KB

•15 double arm bent over rows holding 8lb DBs

•12-15 wide stance squats holding 8lb DBs

That’s all! I didn’t take much rest in between each little set probably because I was using such light weight and didn’t feel too out of breath. But feel free to take rests if needed. Each line is one set. If this is too easy for you, increase weights. If it’s too hard, lower weights. No need to get dressed up and go to a gym for this workout. Cater this to YOUR personal needs. It’s better to get in any workout at home with little or no equipment than to not workout at all. Your muscles, bone density, and heart ♥️ will thank you!! 

You can find Amy on:
Instagram: @fitamysuzanne  YouTube: Amy Updike  
Facebook: fitamysuzanne

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milk & honey wellness

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Nutrition & wellness contributor Anne Dorsey, of Milk & Honey Wellness, shares 2 hearty & nutrient-rich recipes perfect for the chilly, fall days.
Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili
Butternut Squash Soup

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