May 2018 Newsletter: Sexual Wellness

A word from the midwives:

At The Birth Center there are no “off-limits” topics. We are aware that sexual health and relationships are critical to a sense of well-being. Most of the things in our life that will increase well-being will take commitment and a continuing attention to the details. We work on all aspects of our lives with intention – like losing weight or eating healthy foods. Sex, intimacy and relationships are important as parts of who we are and will improve as we open ourselves to all that they have to offer.  We suggest that you consider the following tips:

  • Consider scheduling time to have intimacy with your partner. It becomes much more difficult to spontaneously do anything when you have added a child to the family. Scheduling intimacy at a time when you know that you will be alone, or children are asleep is a good first step in improving your sexual relationships.
  • You can create or increase desire without waiting for it to occur. Start with some time to talk to each other about things that interest you, not children, work or money. Yes, a regular date night for you and your partner. It is also good to take time to touch each other, kiss and relax together. This can sometimes create desire and always improves your relationship.
  • Take care of yourself. If you have any physical problems, pain, emotional discomfort, or anything else that decreases your pleasure in intimacy, take care of it. See a doctor, therapist, etc. to get the care needed to feel good again.
  • Be aware of your need for safety, be sure that you consider what helps you to feel safe while physically intimate. Do not dismiss your needs, meeting your own needs is critical for you to enjoy your intimate relationships.
  • Communicate! Talk about what you and your partner need and what you both want. At first this is very uncomfortable and may feel vulnerable but the more you share. in kind and respectful ways, the more you will understand and be able to improve your relationship.

- Becky

The Birth Center Seminar Series: Sexual Wellness
with Celina Wigle CPD (CAPPA), Sexual Wellness Mentor. The Artemis School:  
Like many educators and mentors in the field of sexual health and studies, my journey has been a winding path of internal and external, private and public, formal and informal learning experiences. As classes and opportunities presented themselves I took them with joy, excitement, and an open sense of curiosity. I explored the more formal role of sex educator and dipped my toes into a university program to pursue a doctoral in Human Sexuality only to have life pull me out of school and point me towards other directions and potentials. Below are some highlights of my journey to becoming a Sexual Wellness Mentor. 

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Some of the services we offer here at The Birth Center.  Call 801-288-2229 to schedule:

Pre-marital well woman counseling

Birth control options including: natural & non-hormonal choices, prescriptions for hormonal options, IUD placement & removal

STD testing

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Anne Dorsey of Milk & Honey Wellness joins us as our new nutrition contributor! 

We all have a need to give and receive love. Love is food for the soul. Love nourishes body, mind and spirit. And since this is the month of LOVE, I would like to talk about another level of love.  SEX.  

 From ancient fertility deities to modern drugs, our history has proven that in every culture, we are always looking for better sex!  

 None of us would be here without sex. Sex created me. Sex created you. If we weren't meant to enjoy sex, we would just touch index fingers or lay eggs to make babies. Or, at the very least, we would not be so full of hormones, that from adolescence on, we feel continually drawn toward sexual contact. Within the most deepest primal part of our brain, we are programmed to seek pleasure.  

The idea of sex as a nourishing, pleasurable, and recreational experience, unrelated to childbirth, is relatively new. And it may seem odd that a nutrition and lifestyle coach would be talking about sex. But we can eat an awful lot of green leafy vegetables and not get anywhere near the healing effects that come from having great sex!

So I want to talk about nutrition AND sex.
When I think of sexual wellness, I am thinking about not only the specific nutrients that support sexual energy, but also the reproductive, sexual wellness products that we use on, and inside our bodies.  When it comes to sex and your sexual wellness #dowhatcomesnatural.Just like a car stops without gas, our libido needs to fuel to function. If your love life has taken a dip, the spark in your step has waned, or your drive and energy for sex and pleasure has burnt out, I have good news for you!
There are certain foods and nutrients that you can choose to enjoy thriving health, pleasure, and a supercharged sex life. Just as our body requires adequate amounts of nutrients to function properly, there are specific nutrients needed to fire all the hormones involved in a vibrant libido.

Your body simply can't enjoy great sex if the proper nutrients aren't available to make it function. And this is true for everyone. Single or coupled.
For example, B vitamins are crucial for reaction and response between lovers and for adequate blood flow to sex organs. Vitamin B3 is needed for the flush of blood to skin and organs that increase orgasm, and B1 is needed for proper nerve signaling and the production of energy. Vitamin C, apart from increasing your immune system, is used by the body to support hormone synthesis that will help improve mood and sexual desire.
Minerals like selenium, zinc, and magnesium are also crucial for sperm production in males, the production of testosterone and other sexual hormones in both men and women, and in supporting the neurotransmitters that allow you to be 'turned on'.  
When you are looking for loved up foods to boost libido and pleasure, I am looking for things that will provide the specific nutrients that support sexual energy. I am especially looking for nutrient dense foods that increase activity in what is called the mesolimbic dopamine pathway which is the governing center for libido; supporting neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, bonding and feel good hormone oxytocin, mood boosting serotonin, norepinephrine and acetylcholine. We want to keep this pathway open and flowing!

Amy Updike- Fitness Contributor

Doing a wide stance (knees and toes both pointed slightly out) goblet squat is one of my favorite lower body exercises. It strengthens the legs, glutes, and core. Try doing 4 sets of 15 reps. Pair this with any of your other favorite lower body exercises or with any light to moderate cardio!

Exercising during pregnancy keeps my energy levels up, the aches and pains much lower than they otherwise would be, increases the blood flow to the baby and the pelvic region helping my sex life during pregnancy! 

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One of our own TBC mamas, Ashley, is a Pure Romance business owner! She holds in-home parties to educate women on the benefits of relationship enhancement products & sexual wellness. Pure romance offers the highest quality products from lotions & lingerie. For more information visit PureRomance.

Jade Yoni Egg Practice for Healthy Sexuality & Excellent Childbirths ~ Melisa Brady LMT, RYT

Many of you might wonder, “What is a Jade Yoni Egg?”, and some of you may have heard of it before. Jade, is a very hard, heavy, non-porous stone. It has long been revered as a very healing stone for kidneys and reproductive organs & as having protective qualities, because of the minerals the minerals that it contains from forming inside the Earth. Yoni is a Sanskrit word. It is translated as Sacred Temple, Womb, Uterus, Vagina, and Source. Jade Egg practices are exercises in awareness done using a piece of jade, carved into the shape of an egg, inside the vagina. There is a little hole drilled in the top of many eggs so that a you can floss it and use the sting for easy removal and also for some of the exercises. Jade Egg exercises are like refined practices of Kegel exercises. These are much more detailed and specific to the 3 different levels of the vaginal canal, all the way up to the cervix. It is great to start these practices BEFORE GETTING PREGNANT. They help to get in touch with your pelvic floor in a much more personally aware and informed way. It can help to remove traumas sustained from sexual abuse, and it brings in good circulation. Many women actually have pain or numbness in their vaginas! Working with the Jade Egg is a natural way to bring health back into our beautiful, (yes the source) sacred yonis. These practices are also excellent AFTER GIVING BIRTH. My personal story… After having three babies, if I burst into laughter, or sneezed, I would pee!!!! Jade Egg practices changed that. When I discovered that, my heart sang! I knew I had share this information with as many women as possible. POSTPARTUM (after 6 weeks) using Jade Egg Practice helps to tone the vaginal walls again, as well as harmonizing and bringing all the pelvic area back together. Our wombs and vaginas are known, by some, as the second heart of a woman. It is often times where we store emotions if they are unexpressed. This can cause numbness and pain. Using a Jade Yoni Egg helps us clear these stored experiences, releasing them, helping our bodies be more clear. How does it help with healthy sexuality? By increasing our own intimate knowledge of our vaginas. Having a clear relaxed body makes feeling pleasure and enjoying sex and intimacy more enjoyable! Opening the heart (both of them) and getting to a place WITHIN OURSELVES, where we feel safe, allows the creative energy of sex to flow through us. Using these practices has allowed many women to experience their first orgasms. It can create more powerful, longer orgasms, and even full body orgasms. So, using the beautiful energy of orgasm and spreading it throughout your body and nourishing your other organs with the flow of God’s creative energy, that is so powerful, it literally can make a new human Life!, it can also re-energize your own life and body. I personally also feel this as a powerful tool to clearing second chakra right over the womb, before getting pregnant, can make a more healthy place for a baby to live, while developing for nine months. <3 Specifically, nephrite jade, is what was used in ancient times, because of the very special qualities. So, I recommend nephrite jade for all beginners to advanced users. Yoni eggs are made out of many kinds of stones these days. Be sure to choose eggs that are certified pure through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) I teach Jade Yoni Egg workshops and sell GIA certified jade eggs as well as breast stones for massaging and releasing energy stored in the breasts. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries!

If you, or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please reach out for help!

As Eva's Great-Grandmother would say "If you run out of love, make a little more"   ;)