July 2018: The Big Summer Issue

A word from our midwives:

Happy Summer, Everyone!
It is a time to relax, reflect and enjoy. We tend to slow down in the summer and stop to enjoy the little things more. Remember to take time for yourself, smell the flowers, sit in the sun and watch the world grow. Keep a positive attitude, smile at the world and try to love each minute. We are so busy most of the time that we forget to enjoy each moment. We here at The Birth Center want you to let the world pass you by this summer and enjoy watching it ride past as you rest and enjoy.                             - Becky

July-September our team will be at the Sugarhouse Farmer's market every Wednesday 5-8pm. Stop by to cool off under our tent, nurse your babe in one of our comfy chairs or just say hi and hang out!! We are SO excited to see you!
1030 Sugarmont Dr. SLC, UT 84106
Wednesdays 5-8pm

Events About Town
 Water Circus @UT Fairgrounds, July 1
Check out full daily calendar here
 Princess & The Pirate Train 7pm,July 6
Heber Valley Railroad
Fun Things to Do With The Kiddos
 Family Art Making, July 12
 Outdoor Science Exploration Fridays through August
Summer Jam Concert Series, Mondays through August
Venture OUT Fridays
Concerts on The Common,
Saturday Nights
City of Holladay
Sugarhouse Farmers Market,Wednesdays 5-8pm

TBC Seminar Series of Cadence Chiropractic
Dr. Marc Nelson
July 21, 2018 10-12pm

Dr. Nelson will be presenting a full overview of chiropractic care and the Webster technique and how it relates to you and your baby's health, as well as optimal positioning for labor. Your body experiences many types of stress during pregnancy including physical, mental, and hormonal stress. Dr. Nelson will cover what you need to know to make sure your birth is everything you hope it will be. Learn more about the science and safety of the chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy. 

Dr. Nelson has spent much of his life researching and learning about how the body functions and how to optimize human performance. Dr. Nelson graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude as one of the top in his class from Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis Missouri. He has received extensive post graduate education and training on Neurology, care of pregnant mothers both before and after delivery, as well as chiropractic care for children.  

This past month we've been having so much fun taking photos of our return families with all of their quilts. How we love what we do & the gift of your coming back to us baby after baby is just incredible!  Stop by to say hello and find your baby's feet & we would love to feature you & your family in this newsletter! 

This month, Lyn Christian talks about focus & multi-tasking. 
How Agile is Your Focus?

Do you pride yourself on being an exceptional multi-tasker?

Do you juggle numerous priorities?

Maybe it’s time to take a clear-eyed view of how multi-tasking and juggling affect performance.

In recent years, an incredible amount of research has been compiled against the perceived benefits of multi-tasking, revealing that it’s really not the path to a quick, agile brain.

Unfortunately, this is something government officials at the FBI had to learn the hard way. A story from The Washington Post details how the Bureau undertook a new case-management software project in 2003, and how it became the perfect example of why multi-tasking doesn’t work. Millions of dollars were wasted on a system that was doomed to fail. One bright spot in this tragic example comes as talented scientists and engineers began examining why it was such a colossal failure. And because they are smart and humble, they evolved ideas you and I can use in our daily lives.
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As an additional offering click here for Lyn's Be Focused course. 

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Our nutrition contributor Anne Dorsey,
of Milk & Honey Wellness on Summer Sun Safety & the importance of Vitamin D!

Summer is here! And with it tons of sun! We have been told for years to cover up and avoid the sun, for fear of getting skin cancer. Even with all of the focus and effort put on using sunscreen, melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer, continues to rise. So should we really be demonizing the sun or is there another underlying reason why skin cancer has been increasing over the years? Instead, maybe we should be out in the sun making Vitamin D. 

Read the full blog here! 
Here's an added link for a wonderful summer recipe :)