February 2019 Newsletter 

A word from our midwife:
     February is hard in Utah; are we all on the same page about that?? Bleak midwinter, less beautiful snowfalls, more smoggy air and things looking brown and gray, and spring still a little too far out of reach. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and be intentional about increasing our self-care. As a busy working mom with a toddler and an infant, I’m learning that I need to have a plan for intentional self-care that I can be ready to jump right into in those little 15-30 minute breaks of quiet (that *occasionally* magically stretch to an hour or more). If I don’t have a plan, then too often I screen out, and I personally very much do not need to be any more drained by a hollow screen experience.
     But if I’m ready, then even 15 minutes can be surprisingly rejuvenating: my favorite book of poetry, that bath bomb that I’ve been meaning to use (usually combined with poetry that I love), listening to vinyl in my living room to the record that I’ve been really into while stretching out on the floor or couch and focusing a lot on just breathing deep, slow breaths, and maybe even sometimes writing in my journal about things that I’m struggling with or those beautiful lessons learned once the struggle is over: these are my personal go to’s. Find yours. Know yourself in this season of your life well enough to know what feeds your spirit, and make it part of whatever moments you have—be they short or long—and nourish that beautiful soul of yours through February this year, and every month after that. Bonus points if you can even ask for more support to make longer stretches of self care happen for you.
     And as always, we are always your midwives, so be quick to reach out if things are hard. All our love to you and yours.


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Lyn Christian of Soul Salt
The Anti-New Year's Resolution

After many years of trying, I gave up setting New Year’s resolutions. The lack of air in my tires by month 12 was pathetic; it made the act of facing another set of resolutions deflating and unpalatable.

So, I put on my thinking cap and crafted a more sustainable solution. I decided to declare a theme for the year. Instead of trying to “do” something, I decided to have more of something. Little by little, I’d string activities and small moments of intention like beads on the thread of my theme. Over a year’s time, a bounty of progress and satisfaction in one specific area of life was harvested.

Here’s a blog I posted on the topic way back in 2011: Step Away From Resolutions

You can get the skinny on how to set a theme from this previous blog or the instructions below. I encourage you to take special note of the client stories and experiences flooding in this year. You’ll find examples of BadAsses who are doing it—individuals who embrace an anti-resolution theme-setting practice.
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From our families to yours, Happy Valentines Day!

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Here's an update on my personal Jack'O'Lantern. Since the last post she lost 2 teeth and 2 more are "super wiggly" Also, we tried the fairy bottle next to the window like in some of the fairy folklore & it was much easier for us to sneak the reward in (then leave a trail of glitter behind;)

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