Upcoming Seminars

Our seminars are free & open to the public.  Seating is limited.  Question & answer sessions included.  10am -noon on Saturdays.  See event calendar for more details

 June 16th  Susan McLaughlin, PT:  Be Your Own  Medicine

Susan McLaughlin, Physical Therapist Susan McLaughlin is a physical therapist, a pelvic health specialist, and the owner of ALIGN. People usually come to ALIGN for pain relief, but what they really walk away with is a greater understanding of their body. Susan is passionate about facilitating clients to tune into their habitual daily activities that affect postural alignment, tissue function and movement. With awareness, clients can create new patterns to build healthier tissues for structural support and fluid movement. Ultimately, the goal of ALIGN is to help people learn self care strategies to get out of pain, improve function, and become more vital. Because when we have the tools to heal ourselves, that is when we thrive!

KNOW YOUR CORE: Healing Your Abdominal Wall and Pelvic Floor

In this presentation you will understand:

  • How core stability requires the contribution between alignment, the pressure system, the muscle system, the nervous system and breath mechanics.
  • How the head & neck, ribcage and pelvis are connected.
  • How stress, muscle tension and increased pressures affect the function of the core.
  • How the diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles work together as a team.

July 21st Dr. Marc Nelson/ Cadence Chiropractic : Webster Technique for best baby position for birth

Dr Nelson will be presenting a full overview of chiropractic care and the Webster technique and how it relates to you and your baby's health and encouraging baby to be in the best position for birth. Your body experiences many types of stress during pregnancy including physical, mental, and hormonal stress. Dr Nelson will cover what you need to know to make sure your birth is everything you hope it will be. Learn more about the science and safety of the chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy. 

Dr. Nelson has spent much of his life researching and learning about how the body functions and how to optimize human performance. Dr. Nelson graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude as one of the top in his class from Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis Missouri. He has received extensive post graduate education and training on Neurology, care of pregnant mothers both before and after delivery, as well as chiropractic care for children.  

August 11th  Sierra Abrams Brooks, CPD. CLC, HBCE, LCCE:  Postpartum 101

Sierra has been serving women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum since 2000.  Starting out as a birth and postpartum doula until she began her own family and became a mother to her first son in 2009.  She knew her main focus was now on her own babies, so she shifted from being a birth doula (and on call) to education, breastfeeding and postpartum support.  In her last month of pregnancy with her second and last son in 2011, she was hired to be a childbirth educator for Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.  She soon gained her Lamaze Teaching certification and enjoyed working with a team of amazing educators who provided Omaha with gentle, evidence based education.  They also created Omaha's first hospital based class, geared toward couples who were considering unmedicated labor and deliveries.  Sierra had the honor of being on the team of educators who wrote the curriculum for and presented this class. 
In 2014 Sierra's family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to be close to the mountains as they love the outdoors. She launched Bud to Blossom, a business dedicated to educating families from pregnancy through postpartum, classes such as childbirth prep, both traditional, postpartum and sibling preparation, provide postpartum doula support, early breastfeeding support and gentle sleep consulting (she calls it--Mother Baby Sleep Support).  
Her main priority is supporting families as a postpartum doula and is excited to bring the CAPPA standard to more families in Utah and the surrounding areas as a new Postpartum Doula Trainer for CAPPA.  
In her free time, she loves nature camping, music, playing her 12 string guitar, singing, playing with her husband and kids, traveling and enjoying life!


September 22nd  Baby Proofing & Safety Basics:  EMT's from local fire station


October 13th  Spinning Babies  Wonderful TBC Midwives


November 10th "Everything You Need To Know" for Conception, Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum Experts Panel