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"If you live in Utah and want a natural birth— look no further! The birth center midwives are AMAZING!!! They became my family during my pregnancy and now postpartum. At every appointment they took their time with us and made us feel so important( they were about 1 hour long each or sometimes more!) I had a birth plan written out but only needed it if I had to be transferred to a hospital because they already did everything I wanted! I had the water birth of my dreams and got to catch my own baby and it’s all because of them. I will be forever thankful for Eve and Becky ❤️" SH 2018

"Preparing for birth was a natural, empowering and beautiful experience with the guidance of the midwives at The Birth Center. They take time to listen to you, answer any questions or concerns you may have and help to educate and assist you in the center and away. The facility is exceptionally clean, organized and accomadating to the pregnant woman and her support group. I loved attending the prenatal classes at each check up and felt that my family and I were fully supported in having the birth I chose. The whole experience was amazing!" SA 2018

"My husband & I first came into contact with The Birth Center (TBC) after trying to get pregnant for almost a year. We wanted to meet with a midwife to explore gentle, non-invasive options to potentially improve our fertility chances before taking a more intense approach.
We first met with Eve, who was relatable and highly knowledgable. We were impressed with the level of attention & personal connection. This will inevitably not be everyone's experience with infertility, but, I ended up getting pregnant after just two months of following some of the strategies discussed.
Once pregnant, we were still not sure if we wanted to have a natural birth- but we felt very excited and comfortable doing our prenatal care with TBC. We met Becky, the other midwife, shortly thereafter & were equally impressed with her. Both midwives spent a ton of time with us at each appointment, going through our never-ending (first time parents) questions. In addition to the midwives, TBC staff were great to work with- professional & friendly.
Honestly, our prenatal care was FANTASTIC.
TBC is very cautious, watching for any signs of high risk or complications during pregnancy (& labor). We felt very safe that they would refer us out if this wasn't the best birthing option for us; they also didn't put on any pressure or shame if we decided to deliver at another location. In addition, they provide regular birthing groups to further the level of education & support.
When I was about 7-months pregnant, my husband & I decided we did want to try a natural labor. With this decision made, we knew that TBC would be the perfect service for us. For my personality, I knew I wanted a calm environment where I'd be encouraged to speak up & would also feel supported to take as much time as needed during labor without feeling rushed. I have a lot of family in the medical field & am not opposed to hospitals by any means- but the personal touch we received from TBC felt like the right choice for us.
When it came to delivery, my labor was long & intensive. I really appreciated (& relied upon) my relationship with Becky to help me get our daughter out. Towards the end I started doubting myself, but had all the confidence in the world in Becky. Her positivity, encouragement, & experience gave me the last ounce of strength needed to make it through the delivery. The rapport we had accumulated up to that point was crucial.
Following the delivery, I really struggled with breastfeeding & was still catching up on sleep after the long labor. The midwives were great at remaining available to answer questions and offer support with this transition as needed. They offered some excellent resources & made sure we didn't feel alone. This type of follow-through and care is EVERYTHING, especially in those first few days when you're feeling so vulnerable and overwhelmed.
Another thing that really stood out to us was how many times the midwives allowed us to process the birth after the fact. I never realized how crucial processing, & talking things out, would be. We talked through our birthing story with them three different times until both my husband and I felt empowered, resolved, & strong with the experience. I've had a lot of conversations about this since with girlfriends, & none of them have had the experience of talking through their labor afterwards with their medical staff, though all of them mentioned wishing they would have.
Lastly, I appreciated how supportive and in-tune TBC was with my husband. Throughout the entire experience (pre-natal care, delivery, post-natal care) they engaged him in the process, continually asking how he was doing & how they could support not only me but him as well. This meant a lot to me, considering that our partners are often going through big changes as well but may not receive the same attention/care as the mother (if any).
As you can likely tell from this review- we have both been very pleased with our experience at TBC & cannot say thank you enough. They have been a fundamental, & magical, part of our birthing story." KS 2018

"Wonderfully professional with the essential "home feel" that you expect from a midwife. They really know their business but are open to what you want. This is my second time with them, they are the best!" KT 2018

"I absolutely loved my experience delivering my 6th baby at The Birth Center. I'd delivered all my other babies in hospitals, and finally, at The Birth Center, I got the type of care I'd always wanted. Eve and Becky became friends instead of just caregivers by the time we made it to the 6 week postpartum visit. They listened to my concerns with care and helped me have the type of birth I'd always wanted - an amazing water birth where my little one was welcomed into the world in a much gentler way than my hospital births. Thank you!!" MC 2017


" My experience with The Birth Center was amazing. We had our daughter there 8 weeks ago and had a beautiful birth. It was special and smooth and a perfect place to have my little one. The facility and equipment available provide many options of relief and assistance during your birthing experience. The entire care is incredible. They educate and prepare you so well and the midwives, Becky and Eve truly care about you and are 100% involved in your health. The postpartum care is just as exceptional and you leave healthy and a little more ready for the new challenge of motherhood. It is so empowering and rewarding to have a birth that you have control over and the birth center provides that for you. " KD 2017

"My care here was wonderful. It was respectful and natural. I loved the classes and always felt confident with the midwives. Even when I had to transfer they were awesome with the refund. I love this place and love its mission. Women need the birth center." SM 2017

"I received such thorough care at The Birth Center. Midwives and staff are friendly and genuinely have you and your baby's best interests in mind. The environment is relaxing and comfortable--not like a cold hospital or doctor's office, and the group sessions they offer help you feel connected to a community of other expectant parents. The Birth Center goes way above and beyond! " LT 2017

" We had such a beautiful experience birthing here. Becky was amazing! " MS 2017

"Even when we tried the typical doctor route first for our third pregnancy because of complications the past time, it was such a relief to switch back to The Birth Center. Even though there were more severe complications the third time than the time before and we had to transfer to a hospital for recovery, the experience was sooo much better than it would have been going with a hospital birth. Rebecca and Eve and the others at The Birth Center helped us have the best experience possible. They trusted us and they knew when to guide our decisions for our best outcome.  The people we dealt with at the hospital were good. Nothing against them, but everything was much better because we worked with women who treat the whole process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery as naturally as possible, trusting that it has its own wisdom.  And their willingness and availability for advice when you need it? I can't say thank you enough" MS 2017

"I couldn't have dreamed a better birth experience. Becky was absolutely amazing. If we ever have another baby, we will definitely be coming back....Love The Birth Center!!!!!"  SH 2017

" We loved our care at the birth center! We knew from the day we got pregnant we wanted to go with them. I had heard of them from a friend and when we went to go check out the facility it was everything I had imagined it to be. The staff was extremely professional and the birth center was clean and well maintained. Once I started doing my prenatal appointments with them, we started to really build a trust with each of the midwives and staff. I love the personalized care I received. It was our first baby, first pregnancy and they were so amazing to help us with our journey. During our birth, we had to transfer to the hospital and ultimately ended up with a c section. Eve and Eva attended our labor and we were at home laboring for over 24 hours. They were with us the entire time. We felt very well taken care of with them even though we ended up transferring. While we transferred, Eve stayed with us as long as she could and then Kellie came and stayed with us for a short period also. We felt like we were in good hands the entire time. After our delivery, Becky came and visited us at the hospital. It was amazing that we had that support. We don’t have much family in Utah so to have the care that we received from the birth center, it made us feel very well taken care of and made us feel like we were a part of their family. I also loved our post natal care we received. We got a lot of support with breastfeeding and a lot of education on that as well. Even though I delivered through an unexpected c section, I still did my postpartum appointments with Becky and Eve, and they were so much more helpful than the OB that delivered me. I had some trouble breastfeeding in the very beginning because we couldn’t get a good latch and then my son lost a little weight but Eve and Becky were able to help us overcome those issues with so much expertise. We also made lifelong friends through our prenatal group with moms who delivered around the same time as us. Those relationships we built based on the care we received from the birth center mean so much to us. We are forever grateful for the care we received from them! Highly recommend! " CK 2017

"The midwifes and staff at The Birth Center were extremely caring from our first visit until we had our home birth which was the most amazing experience I've ever had. The back up midwifes they work with were just as caring and amazing. We couldn't ask for a better experience. " TH 2017

"I'm having difficulty coming up with the right words to express the way I feel about the care my baby and I received and the ladies who provided it. I had significant anxiety after a traumatic pregnancy loss so being pregnant again was very difficult for me. It's a long story but the bottom line for me was receiving care and giving birth in a "traditional" medical setting was not the best option.
Becky and Eve were so patient, caring and thorough in watching over us throughout the pregnancy. Always had enough time to listen to me and make sure I was really doing well. The other ladies at the Birth Center always made me feel welcome and at ease which was a big deal for me. I still experience panic attacks from time to time when entering some clinical settings, but I never had any issue at their office.
I actually had both of my babies with them, 5 years apart. My first experience was good, that's why I came back. This review is about the second birth because I knew what I was getting into the second time around. Natural birth is no joke but for me it was the right choice. The only thing that really got me through my fear and anxiety was confidence in Becky's skills as a midwife. We ended up needing those skills in ways I probably still don't quite comprehend. What I know is that we were lucky to have Becky there and we're lucky to have a happy, healthy baby boy to love and hold. So, there truly aren't words to quantify that gratitude for her knowledge, preparation and execution of exactly what needed to be done to help our little son. 

If a natural birth with amazing pre and post natal care in a safe environment with skilled midwives is what you are considering, these ladies are exactly what you need." VJ 2017

"I've had three babies here. Loved each experience & was always treated with the highest respect. My husband enjoys the attention given to him as well. The Birth Center truly understands this to be a family event." NW 2017

" I haven't had the privilege to deliver my baby boy here, yet. But, what I can tell you, is, as quick as my first visit to their birthing center, I can already feel the positive energy throughout the facility. Meeting Becky, and talking to her for at least an hour, made me feel comfortable, and secure. That I know I am making the right choice with her, and her wonderful birthing center. Talking to her in that time, made me feel like I had known her for years. So, if you are considering The Birth Center as an option, go for it!!! I was 100% on having a home water birth. But, after touring their facility, I feel thoroughly at ease with the idea of having my water birth there. Thank you for your help today, Becky!" KK 2017

"I had a wonderful unmedicated birth without complication at The Birth Center. I could not have asked for a better experience. " AW 2017

"Seriously one of the MOST amazing experiences of my life only made better by the incredible people at The Birth Center! Birthing at home was extraordinary and we love everyone that has been involved." JS 2016

" I had absolutely fantastic experience with The Birth Center not only in terms of healthcare but also in terms of personal support. We came to SLC from another country, really far from the US. In SLC we knew nobody. We firstly selected another birth center through the Internet but when we came to visit it I was not very comfortable. It was already on my 36 week so we had just few days for search for another place. When we found the Birth Center and arrived there for the first visit I was absolutely confident that was a right place. We received so much care and so much attention there. Everyone was sooo supportive. I had no fear to deliver at all. My labour was super-fast but perfect. I was very comfortable with my midwife and was just sure that were would be no complications. Im very grateful for the help with was provided after delivery. Girls from the birth center helped us with transportation to all places we had to visit to get our documents and even ordered food and clothes for my baby. I will never forget was done for us. It was better than we could even imagine. Thank you all . " MY 2017

"I had my first baby with Rebecca Mcinnis.  I had 2 birth emergencies during that birth and she was absolutely phenomenal in dealing with them.  I felt safe the whole time and never had to be transported to the hospital.  I could not have asked for a more empowering first birth experience!  She spent a TON of time with me, just talking with me, making sure I felt comfortable.  If I'd had my second baby in Utah, I definitely would have gone back to her.  This birth center advocates for women and birth choices!  They are so very competent and compassionate!"  HBH 2016

"This is a wonderful place to receive care. The midwives are attentive and skilled. The birth assistants are also. I had a wonderful experience and appreciate the care and education I received there. If you're considering unmedicated childbirth, check The Birth Center out. You won't be disappointed. " AJ 2016

"We loved everything about The Birth Center! We had our first in the birth suite and our second at home with the support of the kind, loving midwives. The group appointments were fun and educational. My husband felt involved and informed, which was really important for us. We are so grateful for our wonderful experience." LM 2016

"I chose the birth center because I knew my body would be trusted and respected there. The midwives are so knowledgeable and gave great guidance on everything from hemorrhoids to toddler sleep solutions! All of the staff is so genuine, kind and helpful. I never felt rushed through a single appointment and the midwives were so great at communicating and guiding the conversations to always ensure I was getting the most information I could out of each appointment.
My water birth was what I expected, very quick and intense. I was so thankful to have Adrianna (birth assistant) there to help guide me through transition and pushing and Eve for keeping us all safe. The Birth Center was very supportive of our family's wish to have our 3 year old son present at the birth, everything went more smoothly than I could have imagined. The best part was heading home 5 hours after delivery with our fresh new little seven and a half pound squish!
The postpartum care was even more extraordinary than the prenatal care. I love this place and highly recommend it
!" KJ 2016

"I can't even begin to describe how amazing this place is. They go beyond great care and really make you apart of everything from offering you priceless education to making you feel in charge of your body. They are an empowering group of women that really love what they do and it shows. When researching Birth Centers I visited many in the Salt Lake area and as soon as my husband and I walked in we knew we had found our place. My son was born almost a year ago at home on Thanksgiving day with the help of the wonderful people at the Birth Center and I truly can't wait to be pregnant again just so I can go back!" AU 2015

"My husband and I had our baby with the Birth Center over a year ago. We still talk about the amazing experience we had.  The midwives and birth assistants there are incredible. If you want to feel valued and important-- this is the place. I had a hard pregnancy with a lot of sickness, but I could count on compassion and individual support from each person there. I appreciated the wonderful support at the actual birth as well. We were impressed with the professionalism, the cleanliness, and the safety of this facility and its employees.
Also, I would definitely recommend the group birth class and the class on breastfeeding." 
 by A.C. 2014

"I love all the midwives at the Birth Center and the assistants. I've had two babies there and wouldn't go anywhere else."  by J.H. November 2014

"This was my wife's 4th child and my first.  In researching where we could have a baby I had reservations about a "birth center."  These reservations were put to rest immediately during our first visit.  The knowledge that Eve had was amazing.  I felt very safe and very comfortable there.  This feeling continued in our checkups with Reina and Katelyn.  We liked that we were people not just patients and our needs and concerns were addressed every step of the way.  Many times we would call about an issue after hours and the midwves were always very awesome in making sure we had what what we needed.  Finally Reina made the birth such an amazing and unforgettable experience.  I truly cannot imagine going to a hospital.  We have made life long friends with the birth center and would recommend them to anyone."  SB 2016

"Dear The Birth Center Staff,  This morning I had my last postnatal appointment. And it's bittersweet.  I found because I felt we as family needed to be guided and taken care of.  I needed the kind of care which will recognize that the entire pregnancy and childbirth are not just about a healthy number of appendages or my belly size but about so much more.  I could not verbalized it then, months ago when I walked into the Birth Center facility, but that is what I felt.  I felt I will be taken care of, my whole family will. And that is exactly the feeling I did NOT get when I visited another birth center in town.                                                                                                                                                                            Rebecca, you write on your website that you want to be a part of the bonding on the whole family.  That is exactly what you did.  What Eve and everyone else did.  I think with amazement that someone would and did take an hour for each pre and post natal appointment with me.  But, it was also the little things... I recall getting out of the bathtub minutes after my baby was born, and bring wrapped in warm cotton blankets.  I remember saying I felt like I was a queen, and you treated me like I was. I remember how with tenderness Eve examined my baby on a warm blanket, so he would feel safe.  Even the little detail of putting cream in his eyes later rather than right away, so he could see  me, and learn me...  Small details but so big.                                                                                                                                                                              I came back home hours after birth in love with me son  I know people say that women fall in love with their children right away but that is not entirely true.  Love and bonding is a process.  It is a rum of experiences.  You helped me and my family with that and for that we are grateful.  Eve, you state on the web site that you enjoy standing by and letting women birth naturally, and enjoy experiencing the power of birth.  that is exactly what you did.  But somehow, in that soft observance you made me feel like a strong lioness!:)  I thank you for that. Both my husband and I are grateful for the safety and care we had felt that night.  It is especially precious to me to hear him talk about this birth experience as if it were an incredible wonder.  I write but I feel no words can truly describe my gratefulness  I will be in touch and will sincerely recommend The Birth Center to anyone I know. Thank you for being a part of our story, thank you for helping me bring child safely to this world, thank you for helping me recognize the kind of woman I want to be."  by K.B. 2015

"Dear Birth Center staff, Recently I had the opportunity to witness the birth of my granddaughter in Bountiful.  Although a homebirth was planned for, Charlie decided not to wait until Kate's midwife arrived at their home.  Fortunately Kasey (Kate's husband) made it home to assist with the delivery.  Very soon after charlie's safe entrance into this world, three wonderful women arrived to care for baby and mom.  My sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the kind compassionate and professional manner each of you provided to--most especially to my darling daughter who I love and Charlie."  JW 2016

"My experience at the Birth Center was exactly what I wanted even though my birth did not go as I hoped. The midwives took as much time as needed during each appointment to ensure my husband and I had every question answered. We loved the relaxed feel of the Birth Center and the birth facilities were beautiful and comfortable. When we came in for the birth of our son we unfortunately had an emergency situation arise after only about 20 minutes in the center. The midwife Eve, and the assistant Eva, responded immediately with the appropriate actions that ultimately may have saved our son. We will be forever grateful that the midwife knew exactly what to do in a situation that could have been so much worse. Furthermore, the midwives were extremely caring and supportive in our postpartum care and helped to work through some of the trauma from the birth. If you are considering a birth here, but are worried about how they will respond in an emergency, know that they will do everything to make sure you and your baby are safe."  by E.P 2015

"I truly think you can have the birth you always imagined here.  Need I say more?  I loved every second of my prenatal care, the birth was phenomenal and the aftercare was exceptional. I felt at home with the midwives and staff and look forward to birthing there again in the future!"  by C.VD  2014

"I had a completely beautiful experience at The Birth Center and received the highest quality of care.  I chose these midwives for my third birth after a lot of research, several interviews with other care providers, and three personal recommendations (one of which is from a nurse practitioner).  This was my second unmedicated birth, my first child was born in a hospital and with an epidural, my second at home and this child was my first birth center experiment.  The standard of care I received was extremely professional  and well rounded.  While pregnant, I got strep and the midwife offered me both antibiotic treatment as well as advice in herbal and home remedies.  The group prenatal model was extremely positive and I loved feeling supported by  my cohort of expectant parents.  While at The Birth Center, I was so supported and cared for by each midwife  as well as the excellent birth assistants, and the office staff.  My pregnancy and birth were a sacred and powerful time and I was so grateful to have these wonderful care providers there with me."  by B.T 2015

"I have had two of my babies with The Birth Center.  I LOVE them!  I loved that as soon as I walked in the door all of the staff members knew me and helped in whatever way they could (i.e. holding my 9 month old while I was meeting the midwife).  I especially am grateful for the midwives.  They helped me focus on the beauty of each stage of my pregnancy.  They also supported me through both of my labors.  The first labor my baby was posterior and not only did they support me through the 24 hour labor, but they were able to get my baby to turn so I didn't have to get a c-section.  With my second baby, I decided to get an epidural after he turned posterior.  I was worried with what they would think, but the midwife fully supported my decision and came with me to the hospital.  She followed up the next day to see how we were doing:)  I would recommend The Birth Center to ANYONE!  I think that they are incredible, knowledgeable and amazing individuals!"  by L.A. 2015

"Хочу поделиться своими впечателениями о The Birth Center с парами из русскоязычных стран, которые, так же как и мы с мужем, приняли решение рожать в Солт Лейк Сити.  

Изначально мы договаривались о родах в другом берс центре, но приехав, решили проверить еще несколько мест, в результате чего мы нашли The Birth Center. Я  очень благодарна этому стечению обстоятельств, потому что лучшего места для родов я просто не могу представить. О том что наблюдаться свои последние недели  и рожать я буду именно тут я поняла даже на за, а перед порогом этого берс центра.  

Во первых, очень приятное впечатление производит само помещение.  Тут настолько уютно и комфортно, что хочется остаться жить J  Но самое главное, это невероятные люди, которые тут работают. Мы и представить не могли, что на другом конце земли, не имея родственников и друзей, мы будем чувствовать себя как дома и кроме медицинских услуг высшего уровня мы получим такую поддержку и настолько теплое отношение.

Ну и конечно же главный процесс. Все прошло просто прекрасно. Благодаря Эдриан – нашему акушеру и ангелу-хранителю  и Рэне, которая нам помогала, через три часа после начала схваток на свет появился наш сын.

Мы бесконечно благодарны всем сотрудникам этого центра, каждый из которых нас поддерживал и помогал в различных вопросах. Благодаря ВАМ, мы никогда не забудем этот месяц, проведенный в Солт Лейк Сити. СПАСИБО!!!"  Мария. Май 2015

"I had a great experience here with the birth of my daughter. The facility provided a beautiful, relaxing environment. The midwives are very knowledgeable with what they do. They all know your situation and are happy for your progression. I strongly encourage anyone with a low-risk pregnancy to choose The Birth Center as their caregiver. Loved it here."  by M.C. 2014

"This place is like coming home. I have never been a birthing center that really made me felt so comfortable and so loved. Items I used at home were on display on the walls, homeopathic's were not just used in this center, but the staff are all trained on new techniques and usages. The midwives are all amazing! Totally respectful and kind, acting with love and gentle hands! I would suggest this place to any woman who is looking for a loving, almost maternal, atmosphere. I LOVE THEM!"  by H.B. 2014

"We had two lovely birthing experiences with The Birth Center. I cannot thank all the midwives, attendants, and all other staff for all the work they did to make my pregnancies such a peaceful, calm & empowering journey to bring our babies into this world. It is amazing the difference in care that you will see with the Birthing Center in comparison to a hospital birth. Even though it seems like the cost out-of-pocket can be a little much......for my peace of mind and birthing journey it was worth every penny! Thank you again!  I truly recommend anyone looking for a wonderful birthing experience to check out The Birth Center."  by B.Y. 2014

"My husband and I selected The Birth Center based on their holistic view of health care and that birth is a natural occurring event in life and not to be considered an emergency at every turn. We felt comfortable in the facility and greatly enjoyed the group prenatal classes we participated in.  At our birth we felt the education and care we received was beneficial in being prepared when we had to transition to the hospital due to unforeseen events.  Eve and Adrianna were excellent support at the hospital as they worked to communicate and mediate our birth plan and desires for our care to the hospital care team." by S.L.F. 2014